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Known as Hollywood of the South™, Covington Georgia has become a mecca for the television and film industry. Easily transformed into a Civil War village, a 1950’s town or a modern day city, Covington’s scenic filming locations, moderate temperatures, International airport accessibility and community film production crew services support have become a real draw for directors, producers, location scouts, filmmakers and TV Productions of all genres and budgets. Currently known as Mystic Falls, VA, for The Vampire Diaries, Covington and Newton County Georgia has also been home to The Dukes of Hazzard, In the Heat of the Night and over 60 film productions.

Covington Ga is a preferred Atlanta film production services community

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Covington – Newton County Georgia is a certified Premier Camera Ready Film Production Services Community by the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office. For more information on what it means to be a Camera Ready Community, go HERE.

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It’s Friday the 13th! Visit Crystal Lake & Jason Film Locations.

Ch-ch-ch, Ah-ah-ah… Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Jason Voorhees returning on Friday the 13th to seek his undying revenge. Today marks a particularly eerie and unlucky day among those who are superstitious, but what could be creepier than visiting some actual Jason film locations for Crystal Lake? The sixth film in the horror…

#FilmFriday: Everybody Cut ‘Footloose’ (2011) in Covington, Ga.

In 2011, the Hollywood of the South became home to the remake of the famous 1984 film, Footloose. We all remember the classic Kevin Bacon film. This film promised to be an updated version, one that the millennial generation can really enjoy. The movie starts by introducing us to five teenagers who are heading home…

#FilmFriday: HBO’s Bessie Filmed in Covington

For our final Film Covington blog of 2016, we wanted to share a story of renewal and hope for the new 2017 year. Naturally, we looked to the many stories that have been filmed in Covington. There we found the inspiring true story of a blues legend. Back in June of 2014, filmmakers at HBO…

Behind the Scenes: The “Reel” Story of Christmas of Many Colors

Recently, our city played hosts to the cast and crew of Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love. Covington residents were delighted to have our old friends back in town, fresh off the success of the previous film, Coat of Many Colors, which filmed here in 2015. Covington, Georgia was treated to something…

Film Friday: Walk Among the Stars in Covington

We all know how beautiful Covington, Georgia is. But, don’t let the small town look deceive you. Covington has been used as a filming location for many great movies and television shows. And, movie buffs have been known to visit our town frequently. Especially to take part in our film walking tours! Over the years,…

Almost Christmas: A Covington Christmas Film

Every family has their favorite holiday film that they watch every year. Classics such as Home Alone, The Family Stone, and White Christmas bring us laughter and a little drama, as we gather together for Christmas. We’re pretty proud of our Covington, Georgia film legacy, so let us introduce you to our newest Christmas film…