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Known as Hollywood of the South™, Covington Georgia has become a mecca for the television and film industry. Easily transformed into a Civil War village, a 1950’s town or a modern day city, Covington’s scenic filming locations, moderate temperatures, International airport accessibility and community film production crew services support have become a real draw for directors, producers, location scouts, filmmakers and TV Productions of all genres and budgets. Currently known as Mystic Falls, VA, for The Vampire Diaries, Covington and Newton County Georgia has also been home to The Dukes of Hazzard, In the Heat of the Night and over 60 film productions.

Covington Ga is a preferred Atlanta film production services community

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Covington – Newton County Georgia is a certified Premier Camera Ready Film Production Services Community by the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office. For more information on what it means to be a Camera Ready Community, go HERE.

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#TVD and The Originals: A Crossover to End All Crossovers

We have been wondering what will fill TVD viewing time, once season eight wraps. The Vampire Diaries is the series that started it all, but have you checked out their spin-off series, The Originals? We’re delving into some secrets of the show and why it should be your new favorite! The show centers around the…

Inside the “Reel” Houses of Mystic Falls: Orna Villa

We’re back with another inside look into the “Reel” houses of Mystic Falls. This week, we’re visiting a Newton County landmark that became a Hollywood icon, once The Vampire Diaries sunk their fangs into it! Orna Villa, located in Oxford, Georgia, is the jewel of Emory Street and was used during season 4 of The…

Inside the “Reel” Houses of Mystic Falls: Lockwood Mansion

There is a house in Covington, Georgia that they call Worthington Manor. This stately home, better known as Lockwood Mansion to fans of the hit series The Vampire Diaries, sits just off the historic Covington Square. The original structure is also an integral part of Covington’s history. It was built in 1850, just before the…

#MysticFallsForever: Nina Dobrev’s Epic Return to The Vampire Diaries

This is not a drill, people! Yesterday (January 26th, to be precise), it was announced that Nina Dobrev, aka Elena Gilbert, would be returning for the final episode of The Vampire Diaries. That’s right; Elena/Katherine/Katrina is returning to Mystic Falls, just in time to say goodbye. The announcement came via Instagram because pics or it…

Hey, Cousin Vinny: My Cousin Vinny, Covington’s Oscar Winner

It’s almost Oscar season. That time of year when the world celebrates the best films and performances of the year with pomp and circumstance. Hollywood legends have been made at the Academy Awards. And, let’s not forget, My Cousin Vinny is the story of two New York University students, Bill Gambini and Stanley Rothenstein, who…

It’s Friday the 13th! Visit Crystal Lake & Jason Film Locations.

Ch-ch-ch, Ah-ah-ah… Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Jason Voorhees returning on Friday the 13th to seek his undying revenge. Today marks a particularly eerie and unlucky day among those who are superstitious, but what could be creepier than visiting some actual Jason film locations for Crystal Lake? The sixth film in the horror…