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10 Reasons Why Covington is The Original Hollywood of the South

10 Reasons Why Covington is The Original Hollywood of the South

Covington has been branded “The Original Hollywood of the South” for quite a while now. You are constantly hearing us and other refer to locals as this but do you really know why? It’s not just because The Vampire Diaries filmed here. Don’t get us wrong, we love our Vampires but there is more to Covington than just being #ForeverMysticFalls. We are bringing you 10 reasons, in no particular order why Covington is “The Original Hollywood of the South”



  1. Rich History and Antebellum Homes/Mansions


Covington has many beautiful historic homes that make you take a step back in time. All around Covington you can see historical buildings and historic markers that tell about the history of our great town. The historical aspect of our town is one of the main reasons location scouts love Covington.


  1. Film Incentives


It is said that Georgia has one of the best film incentive programs in the US. Georgia offers a 20% tax rebate for productions shot in the state with an additional 10% for those who include the Georgia “Peach State” logo in its credits.


  1. Geographical Features


Newton County’s 5 cities’ geographically features make it perfect for filming many scene types. Porterdale has the Yellow River. Covington has a beautiful downtown square with an iconic clock tower. Oxford is home to a small college. Mansfield/Newborn has country roads with lots of barns and farms.

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  1. Past Film Productions


Tourists flock to small town for its rich film history. TV shows like The Dukes of Hazzard, In the Heat of the Night and most recently The Vampire Diaries, helped put Covington on the map. Also, many films have been produced in our quaint town. Covington has become one of the crown jewel of Georgia for filming.


  1. Less Expensive Amenities


Its already expensive enough to shoot a movie but when it comes to amenities, Georgia is less expensive. Restaurants, supermarkets, transportation, utilities, rent, and more are much more affordable in Georgia. According to Shofur Technologies, food is 8% cheaper and entertainment is 17% cheaper compared to Los Angeles. So, by shooting in Covington your saving some extra bucks when it comes to feeding and housing your crew.




  1. Economic Growth


In 2017 Nathan Deal announced that film and television productions generated over $9 billion in economic impact. Because so many movies are being filmed here and they are doing well in the box office, this sets an example and makes others want to film their movie or television shows here. Television productions, like The Vampire Diaries was a huge hit and The Walking Dead still is have become HUGE hits and their filming locations are as well.



  1. Film Studio


Covington is in the process of building a film studio that will be a great asset to add to Covington. Three Ring Studio is going to be a 160 acres’ film studio divided into three campuses. Three Ring Studios is located conveniently close to Atlanta transportation, entertainment, and business, but far enough to allow you to work without interruption.


  1. Less Extreme Weather


Even though Georgia has unpredictable weather, it’s not extreme like other states. With Georgia’s mild winters and temperate climate, you can shoot anytime for almost any scene.



  1. Local Colleges/ Schools


Education is always important and Covington luckily has three colleges right here. Oxford College of Emory University is in the city of Oxford and is convenient for filming scenes that need a college backlot. We also have Georgia State University Newton Campus as well as Georgia Piedmont Technical College. Besides these college we have many high schools that have been used for filming in the past.


  1. Tours


Because we have so many tourists that come to see where their favorite show was filmed we have guided and self-guided tours available. One popular tour is the Mystic Falls Tour. It takes you around Covington to see popular spots from the hit TV show The Vampire Diaries. What makes this different is you get behind the scenes stones that you can’t get just from a map. This tour also is the map. This tour also is the only approved tour that has access to the Lockwood Mansion. For more information on self-guided tours stop by the Newton County Visitors Center located at 2101 Clark Street right off the Square.

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