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The Best Places in Mystic Falls to Journal for National Dear Diary Day

The Best Places in Mystic Falls to Journal for National Dear Diary Day

Dear Diary…

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In the beginning of the CW’s The Vampire Diaries, teenage love is sparked between young Elena Gilbert and vampiric Stefan Salvatore as the show reveals their innermost fears and desires through journaling. The first episode gives us a glimpse inside the minds of both characters, and also gives us the first inkling of how perfect they both seem to be for each other.

Stefan: “Don’t worry, I didn’t…read it.”

Elena: “No? Why not? Most people would have.”

Documenting one’s life in a personal diary is a huge theme recurring throughout the series, as Elena writes in a diary throughout every season of the show. Various episodes also mention specific passages in Stefan’s diary, as well as the old journals of Johnathan Gilbert from the 1800’s.

If you’re a juggernaut for journaling, what better place could there be to relax with a little bit of writing in the real location of fictional Mystic Falls? Today, channel your inner “Stelena” by enjoying the best places in Mystic Falls to journal for National Dear Diary Day:

The Best Places in Mystic Falls for National Dear Diary Day:


Square Park
best places in mystic falls

The park on the square in Downtown Covington is the one location in town you can visit time after time, and feel like you are really sitting in Mystic Falls. Many scenes and Mystic Falls events were filmed right on our square that feature the exterior of our storefronts and boutiques as well as the iconic historic clocktower. Visitors can enjoy the view from the Square Park any time of day, and it’s the perfect spot to collect your thoughts, and jot them down while soaking up the southern sunshine.


Southview Cemetery
best places in mystic falls

This location isn’t necessarily our first choice for a journaling locale, but if you really want to channel your inner Elena, take your diary to South View Cemetery and enjoy the peace and quiet among the many headstones that litter the landscape there. Many “cemetery” scenes in The Vampire Diaries were filmed at this local site as well! So, it’s the perfect spot, just off the square, for a die-hard Diaries fan.


Turner Lake Recreation Complex
best places in mystic falls

Another scenic, peaceful place to enjoy a little personal journaling is at our local Turner Lake Recreational Park. The Turner Lake Complex is conveniently located about a mile from the square, and offers a multitude of walking trails and shaded areas where you can hang a hammock or take a blanket for your afternoon of soul-searching. We recommend finding a spot right next to the lake, which is why this recreational park is one of the best places in Mystic Falls to enjoy some journaling!


Factory Shoals Park
best places in mystic falls

Another incredibly peaceful site for diary-writing could be at Factory Shoals Park on the outskirts of Newton County. The shoals provide the perfect location for personal meditation as the water mellifluously runs over the rocks. This beautiful nature park, situated along the Alcovy River, contains over 450-acres for your diary-writing endeavors. The park is a haven for picnickers, fishermen, campers, swimmers, hikers, rafters, nature lovers, AND journalers.


So what are you waiting for? Grab your diary, and get over to Covington, Georgia -AKA- Mystic Falls to enjoy the sights and attractions while writing in your diary. If all your soul searching works up an appetite, try one of many Hollywood-themed menu options in Downtown Covington. Our community is the premier location in Georgia to experience history, hauntings, Hollywood, and happiness!

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