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The Crossover Locations from The Vampire Diaries to The Originals

Covington, Georgia is known as the “Original Hollywood of the South” and has a rich and diverse history within the film and television industry. We are excited to provide the backdrop to some of your favorite shows. The Vampire Diaries and its spinoff The Originals are two series that called Covington home.  The combination of the beautiful setting, unique characters, and nail-biting plot twists that are embedded in each scene of these shows drew us in and kept us coming back for more. There’s absolutely no better feeling than revisiting the fond memories of our favorite vampires, werewolves, and other magical creatures while binge-watching the beloved series. However, die-hard-fans of The Vampire Diaries know that some of the most brilliant episodes in the series’ history include numerous cross-over episodes with The Originals. Therefore, we at Film Covington want to highlight our top five, favorite cross-over episodes between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

1.The Originals; Season 4, Episode 20 of The Vampire Diaries


Many people in The Vampire Diaries’ fandom are familiar with Season 4, Episode 20, rightfully titled The Originals, centered around the vampires that started it all. It was proclaimed as an unofficial or backdoor pilot to the show’s spin-off series, The Originals. This episode mainly captures the journey of an original vampire named Klaus who visits his home city of New Orleans. The primary reason for Klaus’ return is to investigate the rumors of a devious scheme being crafted against him.

2. Bloodletting; Season 1, Episode 7 of The Originals

In season 1 of The Originals, Klaus is faced with many challenges from his troubled past, but character from Mystic Falls makes an unexpected appearance that surprised fans to say the least. Tyler Lockwood, a teen werewolf with an appetite for vengeance, visits New Orleans in order to murder Klaus’ unborn child.


3. 500 Years of Solitude; Season 5, Episode 11 of The Vampire Diaries


To commemorate the series’ 100th episode, the notorious Katherine returns with a terrible condition. The characters are surprised to learn that she is slowly deteriorating, but instead of grief, they celebrate her overdue death. Meanwhile, Katherine attempts to accept this grim fate, but her daughter, Nadia refuses to do the same. She tells Katherine about a magical spell that will allow her to jump into Elena’s body. The episode ends with Katherine on the phone with Nadia, informing her that the spell worked.


4. Moonlight on the Bayou; Season 6, Episode 14 of The Vampire Diaries

This episode is part of showrunner Julie Plec’s ingenious two-night crossover event. Mystic Falls’ favorite vampire bad-boy Stefan heads to New Orleans, attempting to escape a vampire hunter named Rayna Cruz. His plan is to lure the hunter away from Mystic Falls and stay at a safe house Valerie assures can protect him.


5. A Streetcar Named Desire; Season 3, Episode 14 of The Originals


Klaus and Elijah find themselves stuck in a magical trap that render them useless. Their biggest concern is that a coven of evil witches will succeed in casting a spell powerful enough to kill an original vampire. Additionally, Stefan is enlisted to help Freya get her brothers back with the help of Marcel and Hayley.


This is our list. Tell us what you think? What was your favorite crossover episode? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and leave your comment. Better yet, feel free to visit the Reel Mystic Falls, Covington Georgia, #ForeverMysticFalls.

Remember the Titans Shooting Locales Around Covington Ga

Racial prejudice, Football, and Denzel Washington. These three very different terms might have no meaning to someone unfamiliar with the iconic American film that “Remember the Titans” grew to be, but to those of us who have watched it, it’s hard for the struggles of the characters so cemented in American culture and socio-politics to not find a way into our hearts and minds. The movie follows the integration of an all-White school with an all-Black school in a Virginian town in 1971 where Football is everything and is seen through the eyes of the Black coach (played by Denzel Washington) who is chosen as Head Coach of the Football team over the previous White coach. It is based on true events, progressing as the boys and men start trusting each other despite their differences to become an excellent team.remember the titans

In any case, chances are that if you went to school at any point after the 2000’s, this movie has been played in one of your classes. It is regarded as a national classic, and for those who appreciate the message of the movie, has a love for football or even a nostalgic feeling for the film then you’ll be glad to learn that some of the movie was filmed in Covington, Georgia.  Covington is the Original “Hollywood of the South”, so getting to know all its nooks and crannies makes for an interesting day out of the house regardless, with many other locales in it to keep you interested- from the haunted houses to the beautiful, antique Square.

Remember the TitansOne of the most recognizable places the film was shot at was at our local Sharp Stadium, where our local high school Football teams still play today and where the team practice scenes as well as some of the beautiful downtown buildings can be seen in this movie.  So, gear up, get ready to chant along to “We are the Titans! The mighty, mighty Titans!” as you go on this eye-opening tour behind the scenes of your favorite movie.

Be sure to make your plans to stop by the Newton County Visitors Center and pick up everything you need to make your visit in Covington a memorable one and you too will be saying #ilovcovga.

Dukes Of Hazzard: Fifth Episode Recap

The fifth episode of http://printedprayers.independentprint.com/?post_type=product The Dukes of Hazzard, that originally aired on February 23, 1979, was called “High Octane.” Boss gets Uncle Jesse to enter a contest for a new type of fossil fuel, saying that moonshine is the perfect way to cut down on pollution. However, Boss has more up his sleeve: He plans to tip off the authorities and, once Jesse is arrested, take credit for the idea himself.

While making their quarterly visit to the Revenue Agents, Uncle Jesse and the Duke Boys notice a poster for a $20,000 contest for a new clean alternative fuel.  After meeting the new agent, the Duke family runs into Boss Hogg who reminds Jesse that “his finest” once fueled his car during a Moonshine run.

Reluctantly, with a little encouragement from Bo and Luke, Jesse agrees to make one last batch to enter in the contest. That’s where the adventure begins and the continuing battle between Boss Hogg (with Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane and Deputy Enos) and Uncle Jesse (with Bo, Luke, and Daisy) goes into full swing.  Take a look and watch the episode here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3tkz5u

This was the last of the episodes filmed in Covington. Throughout the episode you get to see several great shots of Covington and Newton County. History, Hauntings, and Hollywood are what make Newton County the amazing place it is. Hazzard County will always have a special place in our hearts, and we hope yours as well.  We invite you to make your plans to visit us here and see some of the sights from Hazzard, and all the great Film and Television sites here in the ORIGINAL “Hollywood Of The South.”


The Dukes of Hazzard: Fourth Episode Recap

In the fourth episode of purchase Lyrica from canada The Dukes of Hazzard, originally aired in February 1979, Bo and Luke are on a test run with The General Lee in preparation for the big dirt track race. The Duke boys are trying to figure out the best way to deal with the unexpected obstacles that happen on a racetrack. Luke Duke quotes Murphy’s Law to Bo saying, “Whatever can go wrong will.”

Bo asks, “Was this Murphy guy was a race driver?“ and Luke responds, “He must be, everyone keeps talking about him.” Little did they know how right Murphy would be.

On their way back home, Luke and Bo spot a car at Ace’s Clean Used Cars dealership. Not just any car, but a race car that was driven by “The King” Richard Petty himself and was wrecked filming a tire commercial. Bo convinces Luke that if they buy the car and use it for the engine parts to bolster up the General Lee, then they will surely win on Saturday. They agree, but know that means they have to “deal with Ace.”

Speaking of dealing with Ace, as the Dukes are outside, Boss Hogg and his wife Lulu are inside the dealership and Miss Lulu is upset. Apparently Ace sold a Rolls Royce that Boss had promised to get for her birthday. Ace tells them that the car was already sold when she picked it out. Boss Hogg is not hearing it and tells Ace to repossess the car. Ace retorts that the buyers were big, scary and “yankee talking.” Ace tells Boss Hogg that they paid with a check and Boss Hogg (who owns half of the Bank AND half of the car dealership) tears the check and demands that Ace repo’s the Rolls Royce.

As Boss and Miss Lulu are leaving, the Dukes attempt to buy the Richard Petty car. Ace, being in the spot he is in, agrees to sell the car for $200 if the Duke boys repossess the Rolls. Reluctantly, the Dukes agree. After they leave to reclaim the car, Ace tells Boss Hogg he has gotten the Dukes to retrieve the car. Boss is happy and gives Ace fake titles to go with all the “used” cars on his lot. When Ace tells him that he needs one for the Richard Petty car, Boss tells him to not give them one. By not having a registration, the car is presumed stolen and would violate the Boys probation, sending them to prison for two years. Ace agrees and the plan is set.

What the Dukes do not know is that the car was purchased by Joey Zacato, a small time crook who works for East Coast racketeer, Abe Sorino. Joey explains that he bought the car because the Police rarely pull over a car like that. He did not want to get pulled over because he (and his crew) were creating plates to counterfeit money and they were going to hide the plates in the car and bring them back to Abe. The Duke Boys, recruit Cooter and they head out to reclaim the Rolls Royce. As you can guess, things do not go as smoothly as they had hoped. The Dukes escape from an attacking Doberman Pincher, being shot at and having to fight their way home. Bo and Luke make one stop before they go home; they pay good ol’ Ace a visit. After a brief apology Ace agrees to sell the Richard Petty car to the Dukes for $200.

Ace breaks the bad news to Boss Hogg, who is with Miss Lulu at The Boar’s Nest and tells him about having to give the racecar to Bo and Luke. Daisy overhears the call for Sherriff Roscoe and Enos to arrest the boys for possession of a stolen car. Bo and Luke ask for Uncle Jesse to represent them facing the charges.

Uncle Jesse tells the boys that the best option is to find out what Ace and Boss Hogg are really up to, so the boys approach them and are told that if they were able to retrieve the Rolls Royce, Ace will drop the charges. The Dukes agree and head off to Cooter to help devise a plan to repo that car. While that is happening, Enos makes a visit to the Duke Farm to speak with Uncle Jesse, but Daisy is the only one there. After some convincing, Enos shares that Boss Hogg lied and that Sherriff Roscoe is still planning to arrest Bo and Luke, which violates their parole.

Well, Bo and Luke retrieve the car (which Joey has now hidden the counterfeit money plates in the car) and after eluding the gun toting gangsters, were met by Sherriff Roscoe who takes possession of the Rolls from Bo and Luke.  When they come home and tell Uncle Jesse, he asks the boys if they are ready to play a little “dirty pool” and they leave.

We then see The Duke Family thanking Cooter as he leaves Ace’s place. Boss Hogg (with Miss Lulu), Sherriff Roscoe, Deputy Enos , Ace, and Joey and his gang arrive shortly after that go into Ace’s garage where they see all of Ace’s cars (including the Rolls Royce) in small little squares courtesy of Cooter and a car compactor.  As the counterfeiters look on they see an imprint of a twenty dollar bill in the wreckage, as does Sherriff Roscoe. He gives them 30 minutes to get out of the county and the bad guys quietly walk away.  Miss Lulu is unhappy and tells Boss Hogg to get a new Rolls Royce for her. Of course, Boss goes after Ace. As for the Duke Boys, they have a race on Saturday to get the General Lee ready for.

We are so excited that the Dukes of Hazzard called Covington home, while filming the first 5 (five) episodes. You see several shots of the iconic Courthouse and the Covington square in this episode. We invite you to make plans to see some of the filming locations from the Dukes of Hazzard in the ORIGINAL “Hollywood Of The South”, Covington Georgia.

Dukes of Hazzard: Third Episode Filmed in Covington, Georgia

Dukes of Hazzard: Third Episode Filmed in Covington, Georgia

In the third episode of The Dukes of Hazzard, that originally aired on February 9, 1979 Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane is in “full pursuit” of Bo and Luke (who have no idea why). After the boys elude Roscoe, Enos is hot on the trail, and their tail. The Duke Boys borrowed a car from Cooter and when they looked in the back seat, they realize that it is full of Moonshine (which was Boss Hogg’s). How do they get rid of the offending liquid? By throwing out the bottles during the car chase with Enos. In true Duke style, they outrun him.

After thinking the coast is clear, Bo and Luke happen to see an old friend, Mary Kaye Porter, walking on the road. They ask how she has been, since they have not seen her in a while. Mary Kaye moves her suitcase to reveal that she is pregnant and on her way to Florida. The Dukes, being the Southern gentleman they are, offer to give her a ride. Now the adventure REALLY begins because the Dukes do not realize that the trunk is FILLED with Moonshine.

Meanwhile back at the Boar’s Nest, Boss Hogg worries that his delivery is over two hours late when he gets a visit from Atlanta Crime Boss, Mr McQuaid. He tells Boss Hogg that he is looking for Mary Kaye who has a lot of HIS money ($118,254.37 to be exact). After an apparent “Gentlemens Agreement” we soon realize that there is no honor among thieves. We hear the memorable words of Boss Hogg saying, “I decide who steals what, from who, here is Hazzard County” and sends Sherriff Roscoe to find the Dukes and the MONEY.

Back in the car ride, Mary Kaye tells the Dukes about her former boyfriend, the baby’s father. She explains that he was in prison and worked for Mr. McQuaid, and the money (hidden in her suitcase) was going to be a trust fund for her baby. In quick order, they meet Mr. McQuaid, who tries to take Mary Kaye and the money. The Dukes help her escape but, to amp up the drama, Mary Kaye goes in to labor. The Duke boys quickly whisk her to the safety of Uncle Jesse’s Farm.
At Uncle Jesse’s, Roscoe is now waiting for the Duke Boys and spills the beans about the Moonshine in the trunk. Uncle Jesse and Daisy fool Roscoe…which is not that hard to do. Once the Boys and Mary Kaye arrive, the fun really starts. With Mary Kaye in labor, Uncle Jesse will have to deliver the baby (just as he delivered Bo, Luke and Daisy).

As this is going on, Mr. McQuaid, and his friend have found the Dukes farm and the chase is on. After a brief fist fight at the farm, Enos arrives to help the Dukes take care of Mr.McQuaid, and the Moonshine that is in the trunk (courtesy of a Duke Boys arrow with TNT).

While all this fuss is going on all around them, Mary Kaye gives birth. Unfortunately, the Dukes realize the suitcase with the money was in the car that was blown up.

But good ole Daisy pulls the suitcase, which had been removed from the car before the explosion, from under the bed. The good guys win again and Mary Kaye, her baby, and the Duke family celebrate.

We are so excited that the Dukes of Hazzard called Covington home, filming the first 5 (five) episodes here. We invite you to make your plans to visit us here and see some of the sights from Hazzard, and all the great Film and Television sites here in the ORIGINAL “Hollywood Of The South.”

We are the REAL (REEL) “Hollywood of The South”

It is said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Our heartbeat is to offer the best public access to previous filming locations of your favorite films and series, while using trusted and vetted partners for tours so that you and your family can have a memorable Hollywood of the South experience. The Newton County Visitor Bureau is the most trusted resource for all of your questions, self-guided historical home and filming location tour maps in addition to recommendations and referrals to our local tour company partners. We take pride in being able to share our hometown and residents with you because they are the ones who can provide fun facts and stories that only a local resident can share. Did I mention that we offer all of that information for FREE!! That’s right; you never have to pay for any of the expertise, referrals, maps or materials designed for the self-guided visitor. A simple phone call, social media message, email or download from our website is all it takes to get those items.

If you are interested in going on a paid tour, we are happy to refer you to our local and trusted tour partners: Vampire Stalkers and Covington Ghost Tours. But if you are looking to enjoy all that Covington has to offer (Hauntings, History, and Hollywood) on your own, stop in and get all of the info you want for FREE from the Visitors Center. So add 2101 Clark Street, Covington, GA 30014, as the first stop of your visit and we look forward to hearing you say #ilovecovga.

Where the Georgia DAWGS and Hollywood of the South Intersect

mighty mighty titansIf you are one of the estimated over 100,000 people who are making their way to Atlanta to watch the College Football National Championship on Monday, you may want to make a side trip off I-20 to the site where Coaches Boone and Yost lead a team to an undefeated season in Remember the Titans.

Covington Georgia has a long standing, well documented history in film and television productions. Quite a few of those have been sports themed. The most notable movie featuring  football would be Remember the Titans, filmed in 2000. Denzel Washington leads an all-star cast, filming in several locations around Covington including the Downtown Square and the Covington Courthouse. But one of our favorite filming locations is Homer Sharpe Stadium. We have an affection for it because this football stadium is still used as the Home Field for all three local high school football teams. Some of our local athletes have literally lived out their Hollywood of the South dreams by going from Homer Sharpe Stadium to play in college and in the National Football League.

We cordially invite you to include a stop in Covington on your college football tournament trip to see those Georgia Bulldogs take on the Alabama Crimson Tide. While you are here, don’t forget to learn more about our rich film and television history and walk through the first Television and Film Museum in Georgia. This one of kind experience is located right in the middle of the famous Covington Square and has exhibits from the various productions that have called our town home (or by any other name).  The Museum is FREE to walk through, but there is a $5 charge to take pictures. Be sure to upload those pictures to our Facebook and Instagram pages and with #ilovecovga.

To learn more about our rich history in film, please visit www.filmcovington.com

An Inside Look into Duke’s of Hazzard’s Second Episode: “Daisy’s Song”

An Inside Look into Duke’s of Hazzard’s Second Episode: “Daisy’s Song”

Yee-haw! Boy, do we miss our Duke boys and their misadventures in Hazzard County, GA. Let’s reminisce about the first season’s second episode, “Daisy’s Song” from the Dukes of Hazzard.

 Daisy Duke has dreams of musical stardom, yet her dream is dimmed when the song she wrote is heard on the radio being sung by a sound a like of Jessi Colter. It turns out thing is a huge scam! Big mistake to wrong Daisy Duke, especially when she gets her cousins involved.

Bo and Luke head to the big city of Atlanta to get to the bottom of the situation, only to find out that Boss Hogg is involved in the con. In addition, the recording studio is a front for a music piracy operation, which Boss is trying to use to build some connections to the Syndicate.

Ahh…nothing like seeing the General Lee heading into Atlanta; what a sight!

The boys hatch a scheme to catch the record pirates red-handed by having Daisy pretend to be a potential client and trick the ringleader, Leslie Starr, into believing she can imitate a number of real-life artists.

Of course, Bo and Luke crush the operation and save Daisy’s song. It also turns out that the boys have arranged for Jessi Colter to actually record Daisy’ song.

see Cool Fact: We learn why the boys climb through the windows of the General Lee. The doors are wielded shut.

Until next time Duke fans!

Why You Need to Watch Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love this Christmas Season

Why You Need to Watch Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love this Christmas Season

Did you watch Dolly Parton’s, Christmas of Many Colors last year? Don’t fret. NBC will be showing this highly popular movie again on December 27th. With its groundbreaking success last year, NBC decided to show this film again. Dolly Parton even confirmed the exciting news Wednesday afternoon. Grab your loved ones and the hot cocoa for this special screening of Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love.

behind the scenes

This inspiring film centers on Dolly’s Christmas in 1955. Covington locals were delighted to have film crews come back for the sequel of Coat of Many Colors. This sequel displays the struggles and triumphs the Parton family went through during a cold, brutal winter in Sevier County, Tennessee.

Family patriarch, Lee Parton made sacrifices to have enough money to buy Avie Lee a wedding ring that he could never afford to give to her. Even the children sacrificed their own Christmas presents to help their father give this special gift.

behind the scenes

The family’s faith is tested during this Christmas season. Yet, little Dolly shines in this story. She performs with her guitar around the downtown square (the Covington square) to make money for her mother’s Christmas gift. Her spitfire attitude and sassy remarks create comedic relief, especially during the emotional scenes.

Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love will make you laugh and ball like a baby. The take away from this film is to never give up on the most treasured things in life such as, family, friends, and even your faith.

Tune in next Wednesday night to watch this Christmas classic!


Dixie Manor Used as Rebekah Mikaelson’s House in TVD

Dixie Manor Used as Rebekah Mikaelson’s House in TVD

It’s no secret that Covington, Ga is the real Mystic Falls. People travel from all over to visit Covington to see where The Vampire Diaries was filmed and take memorable pictures. I bet you didn’t realize that in several episodes Dixie Manor was used as Rebekah Mikaelson’s Mansion. If you did know that, then kudos to you!

If you’re not a die-hard TVD fan, it is okay! We will go over some background information to catch you up. Rebekah Mikaelson is one of the five Original Vampires who is featured in multiple seasons. She is also one of the main characters in the spin off series, The Originals. Her brother, Klaus, constantly influences her actions. She desires to live a normal human life, instead of being immortal.

Dixie Manor was first seen as Rebekah’s house in episode three, “The Rager”, of season four when Rebekah decided to move out of Klaus’s mansion after a very heated argument. She couldn’t stand to live with her brother any longer so she decided to get her own mansion. In this same episode, Rebekah throws a party for herself and other students, who attend Mystic Falls High School. Rebekah only throws this party to help her not feel alone anymore.

Dixie Manor is also seen in season four episode eleven “Catch Me if You Can.” Looking for a new ally, Rebekah reminds Stefan of how close they once were. One thing leads to another and they end up having a steamy love connection in one of the bedrooms of the mansion. I guess Stefan is over Elena, after all.

Despite all the fighting that has been going on between Elena and Rebekah during season four, Rebekah offers a truce to Elena because she feels bad that Jeremy died. Elena turns her humanity off due to her grief and ends up living with Rebekah in her home for a brief time in season four episode nineteen, “Pictures of You.”