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10 Reasons Why Covington is The Original Hollywood of the South

Covington has been branded “The Original Hollywood of the South” for quite a while now. You are constantly hearing us and other refer to locals as this but do you really know why? It’s not just because The Vampire Diaries filmed here. Don’t get us wrong, we love our Vampires but there is more to Covington than just being #ForeverMysticFalls. We are bringing you 10 reasons, in no particular order why Covington is “The Original Hollywood of the South”



  1. Rich History and Antebellum Homes/Mansions


Covington has many beautiful historic homes that make you take a step back in time. All around Covington you can see historical buildings and historic markers that tell about the history of our great town. The historical aspect of our town is one of the main reasons location scouts love Covington.


  1. Film Incentives


It is said that Georgia has one of the best film incentive programs in the US. Georgia offers a 20% tax rebate for productions shot in the state with an additional 10% for those who include the Georgia “Peach State” logo in its credits.


  1. Geographical Features


Newton County’s 5 cities’ geographically features make it perfect for filming many scene types. Porterdale has the Yellow River. Covington has a beautiful downtown square with an iconic clock tower. Oxford is home to a small college. Mansfield/Newborn has country roads with lots of barns and farms.

best places in mystic falls


  1. Past Film Productions


Tourists flock to small town for its rich film history. TV shows like The Dukes of Hazzard, In the Heat of the Night and most recently The Vampire Diaries, helped put Covington on the map. Also, many films have been produced in our quaint town. Covington has become one of the crown jewel of Georgia for filming.


  1. Less Expensive Amenities


Its already expensive enough to shoot a movie but when it comes to amenities, Georgia is less expensive. Restaurants, supermarkets, transportation, utilities, rent, and more are much more affordable in Georgia. According to Shofur Technologies, food is 8% cheaper and entertainment is 17% cheaper compared to Los Angeles. So, by shooting in Covington your saving some extra bucks when it comes to feeding and housing your crew.




  1. Economic Growth


In 2017 Nathan Deal announced that film and television productions generated over $9 billion in economic impact. Because so many movies are being filmed here and they are doing well in the box office, this sets an example and makes others want to film their movie or television shows here. Television productions, like The Vampire Diaries was a huge hit and The Walking Dead still is have become HUGE hits and their filming locations are as well.



  1. Film Studio


Covington is in the process of building a film studio that will be a great asset to add to Covington. Three Ring Studio is going to be a 160 acres’ film studio divided into three campuses. Three Ring Studios is located conveniently close to Atlanta transportation, entertainment, and business, but far enough to allow you to work without interruption.


  1. Less Extreme Weather


Even though Georgia has unpredictable weather, it’s not extreme like other states. With Georgia’s mild winters and temperate climate, you can shoot anytime for almost any scene.



  1. Local Colleges/ Schools


Education is always important and Covington luckily has three colleges right here. Oxford College of Emory University is in the city of Oxford and is convenient for filming scenes that need a college backlot. We also have Georgia State University Newton Campus as well as Georgia Piedmont Technical College. Besides these college we have many high schools that have been used for filming in the past.


  1. Tours


Because we have so many tourists that come to see where their favorite show was filmed we have guided and self-guided tours available. One popular tour is the Mystic Falls Tour. It takes you around Covington to see popular spots from the hit TV show The Vampire Diaries. What makes this different is you get behind the scenes stones that you can’t get just from a map. This tour also is the map. This tour also is the only approved tour that has access to the Lockwood Mansion. For more information on self-guided tours stop by the Newton County Visitors Center located at 2101 Clark Street right off the Square.

economic impact of film






My Cousin Vinny Scenes Filmed in Newton County

There are so many film productions that have called Newton County home, it’s hard to mention all of them but we can try. One movie that filmed scenes here in the Hollywood of the South is “ My Cousin Vinny”. This movie was the 1992 Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress.

“My Cousin Vinny” is the story of two New York University students, Bill Gambini (Ralph Macchio) and Stanley Rothenstein (Mitchell Whitfield), who win scholarships to UCLA. However, the duo gets into trouble after they decided to take a drive through the heart of Dixie. Once they are in Alabama, they stop at a local convenience store to pick up a few snacks, but are suddenly arrested! The two men have been accused of murder and robbery and have found that they are facing execution for the crimes. Bill and Stan don’t have enough money for a lawyer, so they are forced to call Bill’s cousin Vinny (played by Joe Pesci). Unfortunately for the pair, Vinny is an inexperienced lawyer who has never been to trial.

The three New Yorkers begin to face a number of challenges thrown their way from local Alabama residents and the judge of the trial, who proved to be uncompromising. One scene in particular shows Vinny and his girlfriend, Mona Lisa (played by Marisa Tomei) walking into the Pool and Chicken to collect a $200 winning on a previous pool game, left unpaid by the character named T.J. This is the hilarious “counteroffer” scene, in which Vinny negotiates a bet with T.J. on getting their money. The setting for this “pool hall” scene is a long, historic brick building right off Hwy 11 on the main strip in Mansfield, Georgia.

Across Highway 11 on the other side of the street is an old abandoned warehouse. This building was also used during filming to represent the Wahzoo City Hotel, where Vinny and Mona Lisa stayed for part of the movie. Remember the scene where they ask the hotel clerk about the train that comes through so early every morning? That was shot at the old warehouse. The crew also used the top floor corner room as the space to build the “hotel room” set. Many scenes that take place within their hotel room were actually shot on that top floor set!


Who remembers the quaint, rural cabin where Vinny gets stuck in the mud and Mona Lisa expresses concerns about her ticking “biological clock”? This little cabin is also tucked away on the backroads of Newton County.

If you haven’t seen this 90’s classic, then it’s a must-see movie. This dramatic comedy is a great date night flick, as well! Watch to see if cousin Vinny can get Bill and Stanley out of trouble and back to UCLA. And, join in our sense of hometown pride as we spot all of the local sites used on location.

Reel Locations in Mystic Falls: Whitmore College

Even though one of our favorite television productions has ended, we can still reminisce on all the good times. The Vampire Diaries will always have a place in our hearts and we thank them for calling Covington home. When you watch the show you can see familiar locations such as our famous clock-tower and Lockwood Mansion. But did you know that Oxford College of Emory University was also a film location for the hit TV series, the college was used as Whitmore College in the series. Since Covington served as Mystic Falls, and conveniently has a college nearby in Oxford, Ga, it was very helpful for filming.

Oxford College of Emory University was first seen in Season 4 when Damon, Bonnie, and Elena went to a frat party on campus soon after Elena became a vampire. In season 6, Alaric begins teaching a class at Whitmore, Jo is working at the hospital on campus, and Elena is enrolled in medical school there. Being that all supernatural characters were banned from Mystic Falls in Season 5, Whitmore College was the perfect place for everybody to call home. As you walk the campus you can see familiar locations where Elena and Caroline moved-in as well when great moments that happened during this season.

For more information on self-guided or guided tours click here or visit the Visitors Center located at 2101 Clark Street Covington, GA 30014.

In The Heat of The Night Film Locations

Newton County has been home to numerous film and television productions that have provided impact to culture and society. Not only have the productions brought economic benefits to the community, but they have attracted people from all over the world to come and visit. Shows like The Vampire Diaries and movies like Remember the Titanshave enthralled audiences for decades, but one program that has left an indelible mark on the community is In the Heat of the Night. This television series, centered in the town Sparta, Mississippi, details the story of a local police department solving crimes amidst the backdrop of social change in the southern United States. Many sites and memories of the show have become well known around the country, and even the world.

With the show centering on the activities of the local Sparta Police Station, the actual building became a recognizable fixture in living rooms across the country. The building in reality served as the Newton County Library during the time of filming, located on historic Monticello Street near the Square of Covington. Visiting the location today can transport you back in time to the police station of Chief Bill Gillespie. One of the most popular attractions in Newton County is the Covington Square, which served as the square of the fictional Sparta. As you walk the square today, following the steps taken by characters of the highly successful show, be sure to go inside some of the stores and restaurants.

vampire diaries film locations

Two of the main characters of the show, Police Chief Bill Gillespie and Virgil Tibbs, have their homes located in Downtown Covington. Both the Tibbs and Gillespie’s homes are still standing today. Although private property, both structures are featured in the self-guided location tour, available at the Visitor Information Center, and are easily seen from the sidewalks. Another sight that most viewers would recognize would be the historic Newton County Courthouse, which served as the Sparta Courthouse on the show, with many scenes taking place within the building. A slice of history is also preserved outside of the courthouse, where the production has a star in Covington’s famed Walk of Stars.


As decades have passed and television productions have come and gone, the impact of In the Heat of the Nighton the Newton County community cannot be overstated. The show has come to live on through recognizable locations and verbal history told by county residents. Come visit Newton County and Covington to walk the streets of “Sparta”.

The Dukes of Hazzard Filming Locations in The Original Hollywood of the South

If you like fishing, hunting and driving a General Lee, then we guarantee that you’ll love the 4 filming spots you can visit from the hit TV series The Dukes of Hazzard. We proudly boast the Duke Family on the resume of the Original Hollywood of the SouthÒ, Covington Georgia! This resume is “fuller than a possum on a gumbush” according to Deputy Enos Strate! The Dukes of Hazzard TV Series on Primetime Television kept everyone’s favorite Duke Boys, played by John Schneider and Tom Wopat, and cousin Daisy, played by Catherine Bach, in trouble with the law and stealing hearts while on screen!


  1. where can i buy provigil forum Elm Street

Everybody remembers the very first episode “One Armed Bandits”, when the Duke boys chased Cooter, who borrowed Rosco’s Patrol Car. In that scene, you can see the General Lee on Elm Street in Covington jumping 157 feet into the air. This jump over the old railroad tracks is north of Floyd Street, between Usher and Williams Streets.


http://pacificpine.ca/contact/       2. Hwy 81 and Herring Street

The Elm Street jump isn’t the only familiar film location in Covington. Near the end of the pilot episode “One Armed Bandits” the Dukes boys are being chased by Rosco and Enos on their way to the Orphanage. You can see the cars crossing the railroad tracks located at Highway 81, (Emory Street) and Herring Street in Covington.


go          3. Covington Courthouse

Episode 1, “One Armed Bandits,” and 5, “High Octane,” feature the Newton County Courthouse aka the Hazzard County Courthouse. In episode 5 “High Octane,” you can spot Bo and Luke together with their uncle Jesse walking up the steps of the Hazzard County Courthouse, located at 1124 Clark Street. The boys were on their way to visit their probation officer.


        4. Clark Street


This shot is taken in front of the Courthouse, located at 1124 Clark Street in Covington, looking to the west. In this scene, you can see Cooter fixing the General Lee’s taillight. Note the big dent in the General Lee. You can also see BB&T Bank in the back to the right, at the time this was the Bank of Covington


A big thank you to Warner Bros for making Covington its home for the first five episodes of The Dukes of Hazzard,” we will forever be Hazzard County! If you’re in the Hollywood of the SouthÒ, make a trip to see the filming locations for The Dukes of Hazzard to snap a selfie and share with us by tagging @GoCovingtonGa or using our hashtag #HollywoodOfTheSouth, #HazzardCouty, or #FilmCovingon.

#ForeverMysticFalls: Favorite Fan Photo Sites

The Vampire Diaries lives on in many hearts as one of the most captivating, dramatic, fun, and dynamic TV shows ever made. For the fans who remain invested even after the end of this series’ long run, Covington, Georgia, provides a multitude of opportunities to revisit their fondest memories of the series. From the atmosphere of the small, southern town that brings you back to the universe you fell in love with, to the shop to buy merch, and even a Mystic Falls Tour that allows you to step into specific locations you will remember from all those years of viewing the show, visitors love returning to Mystic Falls, here are a few of the best places to take fan photos during your trip to The Original Hollywood of the South.

  1. The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower, commonly known also as the Newton County Courthouse is the perfect place to take pictures. If you take the Mystic Falls Tour, this is one of the main stops, and is sure to bring back memories of several iconic scenes.

  1. The Gate of Worthington Manor

Also known as the Lockwood Mansion, this home served as a primary filming location in the Vampire Diaries. It is an original antebellum home and surrounded by a beautiful iron fence. Fans will recognize the lake in the back that served as the Gemini’s twins gateway for their coven, and was also a pivotal place for many intense scenes.

george lockwood the cat

  1. The Gilbert House

Pose for a pic in front of the Gilbert House, easily recognizable for even the most casual watchers of the show. It remained Elena’s home for most of the series.

vampire diaries film locations

4. Mystic Grill

Mystic Grill on the Covington Square, is the perfect place to grab a bite after a long day of touring and taking pictures. Instagram your order and share your meal with the world!



5. The Square

Just outside Mystic Grill is the charming Covington Square, with multiple places to sit and relax and a wonderful place to people watch. You’ll recognize many scenes from the show since the square was such a integral filming location.

Come tour these locations and take a bite out of our town!

Top 8 Popular Film and Show Productions Filmed in Covington

Top 8 Popular Film and Show Productions Filmed in Covington

It’s no secret that Covington, Georgia has long been the “Original Hollywood of the South”. The average frequent TV viewer would be surprised to see the long and continually growing list of productions that have been filmed in our probably southern town. From teen-heartthrob vampire shows to dad-drawing action thrillers, there is no limit to the genre of programs that have called Covington home. We decided to compile a list of the top films and television shows that have drawn on our locales to build the world on screen.

  1. The Vampire Diaries

If you are a fan of the show, you’ll have a field day going through the Covington Square, pointing out the iconic statues, architecture, and shops that have showed up throughout the many episodes. TVD itself takes place in a small, gothic southern town so when looking for a place to shoot the episodes; they couldn’t go wrong with Covington! Every episode since the pilot has been filmed here. Places like the Mystic Grill we see in the show are also actual places that any fan can come and visit! If you want to feel like you are stepping into the world of Elena, Stefan, and Damon all you have to do is plan a visit

  1. The Originals

As an extension of the Vampire Diaries’ universe, there are many scenes that were filmed here when relating to the characters who call Mystic Falls their home. This series follows the original vampires, the Mikaelson siblings, in the city of New Orleans.



  1. Dukes of Hazzard

The first five episodes of this iconic series were filmed in Covington, Georgia, setting and cementing the tone for the show before the filming location was moved to California. For those that aren’t familiar with the show, the Dukes of Hazzard is an action-comedy that follows characters in the rural community of Hazzard, airing a whopping total of 147 episodes.

dukes of hazzard

  1. In the Heat of the Night

Based on the book of the same name, In the Heat of the Night is about a black police detective who passes through a small town during the time of the civil rights movement. There is a movie and a show, but it was the show’s second season that was filmed in Covington and began filming and stayed for the duration of the series.

  1. The Walking Dead

Chances are you’ve either watched this series or have family and friends that are wholly invested into its characters and plot. Who doesn’t love an alternate reality where a cop wakes up to find zombies running all over after all? The show itself majorly takes place in Georgia, so it’s fitting that many of the scenes were shot here. Driving through Covington’s roads, you can easily picture a few undead limping about so watch out! The first episode was shot here before it made Senoia its home.

  1. Selma

This powerful film documenting Martin Luther King Jr.’s Selma march is another of the many productions that have been filmed in Covington. Although much of the movie was filmed in Alabama, key scenes were also filmed in the Courthouse in Covington which became Hotel Albert


  1. Miracles from Heaven

This Christian drama revolves around the true story of a girl who after a near death experience is cured from an incurable disease, starring Jennifer Garner, Martin Henderson and Queen Latifah. The filming was done in a beautiful country house here in Covington.


  1. Flight

This movie follows a pilot (played by Denzel Washington) whose addiction plagues his life, eventually leading to a crash. He manages to save everyone except for six lives, launching an investigation into his addiction. The actual crash scene was filmed right here at Green Valley Farms.

This is just a sample of the long and rich relationship between Hollywood and Covington. Covington is recognized as one of the top film friendly locations and the number of productions continues to grow.  We invite you to make the Newton County Visitor Center (2101 Clark Street Covington, GA 30014) the first stop to learn more about what makes us the “Original Hollywood of the South.”





Sleepy Hollow Scenes Filmed In Covington, Ga

Sleepy Hollow is an American supernatural drama television series that debuted on FOX September 16th, 2013. The series is based on the 1820 Halloween short story, ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. In May of 2016 FOX renewed the show for its fourth season which premiered in January 2017 and includes includes scenes filmed in Covington, Ga.

Sleepy Hollow is about a man, Ichabod Crane, who devotes his life and knowledge of the supernatural to defend the demonic forces that plagued Sleepy Hollow. Following the climactic events of season 3, Ichabon Crane’s world was turned upside down after the death of his partner and fellow ‘Witness’, Abbie Mills. Crane was then led out of town by a mysterious group promising to put him in charge of an evil-fighting organization created hundreds of years ago by none other than George Washington. Finding himself in a new city working with all-new allies, Crane embarks on his most important mission yet: To save our nation’s capital from otherworldly threats that promise harm, not only to our country and our people, but to the soul of democracy itself.

Being the Hollywood of The South, we are pleased to say several of the scenes from this supernatural action packed film was filmed right here in Covington, Ga. In season 4, Ep. 5, there is a scene where Ichabod were recounts how soccer was created. He speaks to several kids of a soccer team called Team Bumble Bee. This scene was filmed on the soccer field in the Clarke’s Grove neighborhood off of Clarke Street in Covington.  The soccer field is located in the back of the neighborhood next to a private pool. The Clarke’s Grove neighborhood is also home to the Montessori School of Covington. This scene is also when Ichabod explains what a “Witness” is to Diana.

sleepy hollow scenes

Covington is no stranger to supernatural beings and popular TV shows. When it comes to vampires, witches, and werewolves, our town is a major site for in the film industry. We are excited that production companies are able to turn to our community for a variety of location types. Being, the Original Hollywood of the South, we will continue to be a backlot for filming and to help grow the film industry I Georgia. Click here to view a short clip of the scenes filmed in Covington, Ga.

The Crossover Locations from The Vampire Diaries to The Originals

Covington, Georgia is known as the “Original Hollywood of the South” and has a rich and diverse history within the film and television industry. We are excited to provide the backdrop to some of your favorite shows. The Vampire Diaries and its spinoff The Originals are two series that called Covington home.  The combination of the beautiful setting, unique characters, and nail-biting plot twists that are embedded in each scene of these shows drew us in and kept us coming back for more. There’s absolutely no better feeling than revisiting the fond memories of our favorite vampires, werewolves, and other magical creatures while binge-watching the beloved series. However, die-hard-fans of The Vampire Diaries know that some of the most brilliant episodes in the series’ history include numerous cross-over episodes with The Originals. Therefore, we at Film Covington want to highlight our top five, favorite cross-over episodes between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

1.The Originals; Season 4, Episode 20 of The Vampire Diaries


Many people in The Vampire Diaries’ fandom are familiar with Season 4, Episode 20, rightfully titled The Originals, centered around the vampires that started it all. It was proclaimed as an unofficial or backdoor pilot to the show’s spin-off series, The Originals. This episode mainly captures the journey of an original vampire named Klaus who visits his home city of New Orleans. The primary reason for Klaus’ return is to investigate the rumors of a devious scheme being crafted against him.

2. Bloodletting; Season 1, Episode 7 of The Originals

In season 1 of The Originals, Klaus is faced with many challenges from his troubled past, but character from Mystic Falls makes an unexpected appearance that surprised fans to say the least. Tyler Lockwood, a teen werewolf with an appetite for vengeance, visits New Orleans in order to murder Klaus’ unborn child.


3. 500 Years of Solitude; Season 5, Episode 11 of The Vampire Diaries


To commemorate the series’ 100th episode, the notorious Katherine returns with a terrible condition. The characters are surprised to learn that she is slowly deteriorating, but instead of grief, they celebrate her overdue death. Meanwhile, Katherine attempts to accept this grim fate, but her daughter, Nadia refuses to do the same. She tells Katherine about a magical spell that will allow her to jump into Elena’s body. The episode ends with Katherine on the phone with Nadia, informing her that the spell worked.


4. Moonlight on the Bayou; Season 6, Episode 14 of The Vampire Diaries

This episode is part of showrunner Julie Plec’s ingenious two-night crossover event. Mystic Falls’ favorite vampire bad-boy Stefan heads to New Orleans, attempting to escape a vampire hunter named Rayna Cruz. His plan is to lure the hunter away from Mystic Falls and stay at a safe house Valerie assures can protect him.


5. A Streetcar Named Desire; Season 3, Episode 14 of The Originals


Klaus and Elijah find themselves stuck in a magical trap that render them useless. Their biggest concern is that a coven of evil witches will succeed in casting a spell powerful enough to kill an original vampire. Additionally, Stefan is enlisted to help Freya get her brothers back with the help of Marcel and Hayley.


This is our list. Tell us what you think? What was your favorite crossover episode? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and leave your comment. Better yet, feel free to visit the Reel Mystic Falls, Covington Georgia, #ForeverMysticFalls.

Remember the Titans Shooting Locales Around Covington Ga

Racial prejudice, Football, and Denzel Washington. These three very different terms might have no meaning to someone unfamiliar with the iconic American film that “Remember the Titans” grew to be, but to those of us who have watched it, it’s hard for the struggles of the characters so cemented in American culture and socio-politics to not find a way into our hearts and minds. The movie follows the integration of an all-White school with an all-Black school in a Virginian town in 1971 where Football is everything and is seen through the eyes of the Black coach (played by Denzel Washington) who is chosen as Head Coach of the Football team over the previous White coach. It is based on true events, progressing as the boys and men start trusting each other despite their differences to become an excellent team.remember the titans

In any case, chances are that if you went to school at any point after the 2000’s, this movie has been played in one of your classes. It is regarded as a national classic, and for those who appreciate the message of the movie, has a love for football or even a nostalgic feeling for the film then you’ll be glad to learn that some of the movie was filmed in Covington, Georgia.  Covington is the Original “Hollywood of the South”, so getting to know all its nooks and crannies makes for an interesting day out of the house regardless, with many other locales in it to keep you interested- from the haunted houses to the beautiful, antique Square.

Remember the TitansOne of the most recognizable places the film was shot at was at our local Sharp Stadium, where our local high school Football teams still play today and where the team practice scenes as well as some of the beautiful downtown buildings can be seen in this movie.  So, gear up, get ready to chant along to “We are the Titans! The mighty, mighty Titans!” as you go on this eye-opening tour behind the scenes of your favorite movie.

Be sure to make your plans to stop by the Newton County Visitors Center and pick up everything you need to make your visit in Covington a memorable one and you too will be saying #ilovcovga.