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The Crossover Locations from The Vampire Diaries to The Originals

The Crossover Locations from The Vampire Diaries to The Originals

Covington, Georgia is known as the “Original Hollywood of the South” and has a rich and diverse history within the film and television industry. We are excited to provide the backdrop to some of your favorite shows. The Vampire Diaries and its spinoff The Originals are two series that called Covington home.  The combination of the beautiful setting, unique characters, and nail-biting plot twists that are embedded in each scene of these shows drew us in and kept us coming back for more. There’s absolutely no better feeling than revisiting the fond memories of our favorite vampires, werewolves, and other magical creatures while binge-watching the beloved series. However, die-hard-fans of The Vampire Diaries know that some of the most brilliant episodes in the series’ history include numerous cross-over episodes with The Originals. Therefore, we at Film Covington want to highlight our top five, favorite cross-over episodes between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

1.The Originals; Season 4, Episode 20 of The Vampire Diaries


Many people in The Vampire Diaries’ fandom are familiar with Season 4, Episode 20, rightfully titled The Originals, centered around the vampires that started it all. It was proclaimed as an unofficial or backdoor pilot to the show’s spin-off series, The Originals. This episode mainly captures the journey of an original vampire named Klaus who visits his home city of New Orleans. The primary reason for Klaus’ return is to investigate the rumors of a devious scheme being crafted against him.

2. Bloodletting; Season 1, Episode 7 of The Originals

In season 1 of The Originals, Klaus is faced with many challenges from his troubled past, but character from Mystic Falls makes an unexpected appearance that surprised fans to say the least. Tyler Lockwood, a teen werewolf with an appetite for vengeance, visits New Orleans in order to murder Klaus’ unborn child.


3. 500 Years of Solitude; Season 5, Episode 11 of The Vampire Diaries


To commemorate the series’ 100th episode, the notorious Katherine returns with a terrible condition. The characters are surprised to learn that she is slowly deteriorating, but instead of grief, they celebrate her overdue death. Meanwhile, Katherine attempts to accept this grim fate, but her daughter, Nadia refuses to do the same. She tells Katherine about a magical spell that will allow her to jump into Elena’s body. The episode ends with Katherine on the phone with Nadia, informing her that the spell worked.


4. Moonlight on the Bayou; Season 6, Episode 14 of The Vampire Diaries

This episode is part of showrunner Julie Plec’s ingenious two-night crossover event. Mystic Falls’ favorite vampire bad-boy Stefan heads to New Orleans, attempting to escape a vampire hunter named Rayna Cruz. His plan is to lure the hunter away from Mystic Falls and stay at a safe house Valerie assures can protect him.


5. A Streetcar Named Desire; Season 3, Episode 14 of The Originals


Klaus and Elijah find themselves stuck in a magical trap that render them useless. Their biggest concern is that a coven of evil witches will succeed in casting a spell powerful enough to kill an original vampire. Additionally, Stefan is enlisted to help Freya get her brothers back with the help of Marcel and Hayley.


This is our list. Tell us what you think? What was your favorite crossover episode? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and leave your comment. Better yet, feel free to visit the Reel Mystic Falls, Covington Georgia, #ForeverMysticFalls.

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