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The Dukes of Hazzard: Fourth Episode Recap

The Dukes of Hazzard: Fourth Episode Recap

In the fourth episode of The Dukes of Hazzard, originally aired in February 1979, Bo and Luke are on a test run with The General Lee in preparation for the big dirt track race. The Duke boys are trying to figure out the best way to deal with the unexpected obstacles that happen on a racetrack. Luke Duke quotes Murphy’s Law to Bo saying, “Whatever can go wrong will.”

Bo asks, “Was this Murphy guy was a race driver?“ and Luke responds, “He must be, everyone keeps talking about him.” Little did they know how right Murphy would be.

On their way back home, Luke and Bo spot a car at Ace’s Clean Used Cars dealership. Not just any car, but a race car that was driven by “The King” Richard Petty himself and was wrecked filming a tire commercial. Bo convinces Luke that if they buy the car and use it for the engine parts to bolster up the General Lee, then they will surely win on Saturday. They agree, but know that means they have to “deal with Ace.”

Speaking of dealing with Ace, as the Dukes are outside, Boss Hogg and his wife Lulu are inside the dealership and Miss Lulu is upset. Apparently Ace sold a Rolls Royce that Boss had promised to get for her birthday. Ace tells them that the car was already sold when she picked it out. Boss Hogg is not hearing it and tells Ace to repossess the car. Ace retorts that the buyers were big, scary and “yankee talking.” Ace tells Boss Hogg that they paid with a check and Boss Hogg (who owns half of the Bank AND half of the car dealership) tears the check and demands that Ace repo’s the Rolls Royce.

As Boss and Miss Lulu are leaving, the Dukes attempt to buy the Richard Petty car. Ace, being in the spot he is in, agrees to sell the car for $200 if the Duke boys repossess the Rolls. Reluctantly, the Dukes agree. After they leave to reclaim the car, Ace tells Boss Hogg he has gotten the Dukes to retrieve the car. Boss is happy and gives Ace fake titles to go with all the “used” cars on his lot. When Ace tells him that he needs one for the Richard Petty car, Boss tells him to not give them one. By not having a registration, the car is presumed stolen and would violate the Boys probation, sending them to prison for two years. Ace agrees and the plan is set.

What the Dukes do not know is that the car was purchased by Joey Zacato, a small time crook who works for East Coast racketeer, Abe Sorino. Joey explains that he bought the car because the Police rarely pull over a car like that. He did not want to get pulled over because he (and his crew) were creating plates to counterfeit money and they were going to hide the plates in the car and bring them back to Abe. The Duke Boys, recruit Cooter and they head out to reclaim the Rolls Royce. As you can guess, things do not go as smoothly as they had hoped. The Dukes escape from an attacking Doberman Pincher, being shot at and having to fight their way home. Bo and Luke make one stop before they go home; they pay good ol’ Ace a visit. After a brief apology Ace agrees to sell the Richard Petty car to the Dukes for $200.

Ace breaks the bad news to Boss Hogg, who is with Miss Lulu at The Boar’s Nest and tells him about having to give the racecar to Bo and Luke. Daisy overhears the call for Sherriff Roscoe and Enos to arrest the boys for possession of a stolen car. Bo and Luke ask for Uncle Jesse to represent them facing the charges.

Uncle Jesse tells the boys that the best option is to find out what Ace and Boss Hogg are really up to, so the boys approach them and are told that if they were able to retrieve the Rolls Royce, Ace will drop the charges. The Dukes agree and head off to Cooter to help devise a plan to repo that car. While that is happening, Enos makes a visit to the Duke Farm to speak with Uncle Jesse, but Daisy is the only one there. After some convincing, Enos shares that Boss Hogg lied and that Sherriff Roscoe is still planning to arrest Bo and Luke, which violates their parole.

Well, Bo and Luke retrieve the car (which Joey has now hidden the counterfeit money plates in the car) and after eluding the gun toting gangsters, were met by Sherriff Roscoe who takes possession of the Rolls from Bo and Luke.  When they come home and tell Uncle Jesse, he asks the boys if they are ready to play a little “dirty pool” and they leave.

We then see The Duke Family thanking Cooter as he leaves Ace’s place. Boss Hogg (with Miss Lulu), Sherriff Roscoe, Deputy Enos , Ace, and Joey and his gang arrive shortly after that go into Ace’s garage where they see all of Ace’s cars (including the Rolls Royce) in small little squares courtesy of Cooter and a car compactor.  As the counterfeiters look on they see an imprint of a twenty dollar bill in the wreckage, as does Sherriff Roscoe. He gives them 30 minutes to get out of the county and the bad guys quietly walk away.  Miss Lulu is unhappy and tells Boss Hogg to get a new Rolls Royce for her. Of course, Boss goes after Ace. As for the Duke Boys, they have a race on Saturday to get the General Lee ready for.

We are so excited that the Dukes of Hazzard called Covington home, while filming the first 5 (five) episodes. You see several shots of the iconic Courthouse and the Covington square in this episode. We invite you to make plans to see some of the filming locations from the Dukes of Hazzard in the ORIGINAL “Hollywood Of The South”, Covington Georgia.

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