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From Podcast to Production: Folklore Depicted on Amazon’s Lore – Part Two

From Podcast to Production: Folklore Depicted on Amazon’s Lore – Part Two

From Podcast to Production: Folklore Depicted on Amazon’s Lore – Part Two

In the last blog, we discussed the very first episode of Amazon’s Lore. This series that is based on folklore is perfect for a Halloween binge watch. Every episode of Lore is based on real people and events. Did you know that there are two more episodes of this series that was filmed in Newton County?

In the second episode of Amazon’s Lore, Echoes, we find ourselves viewing a disturbing scene. Dr. Walter Freeman is the father of the icepick lobotomy and the center of this episode. He believed that the ten-minute procedure of using the icepick lobotomy would end the need for people going to a mental hospital.

Freeman is obsessed throughout this episode with this procedure, yet it ends up backfiring. The audience gets a taste of how mental health patients were treated in the doctor’s offices and in society. The barbaric methods, like the icepick lobotomy used to “cure” the mentally ill are frightening and cruel.

Dr. Freeman’s office in Echoes was actually an upstairs bedroom of the Welanuee hotel in Porterdale, GA.

The next episode of Amazon’s Lore that was filmed in Newton County is the fifth episode, The Beast Within. Yes, this is the werewolf episode!

The oldest werewolf legend dates back to about 2,000 years ago. The one story that this episode sheds a light on is the famous fairytale story, Red Riding Hood. Greta plays “Red Riding Hood” and lives with her father in Bedburg, Germany. She is attacked by a wolf as a young girl, but defeats it by piercing its’ paw.

She was the only one who escaped the wolf. Years later, the town is still plagued by the wolf. The townspeople become fearful that they will never catch the wolf. One evening, the wolf attacks two people and enrages the townspeople. Greta’s father and the other men go hunt the beast. Greta is left with the town’s leader, Peter Stubbe for her protection. Little does she know that he is the beast, himself…

 This episode is set in Germany in the 16th century and the German town was none other than our local historic Porterdale, GA. The Welanuee hotel was used for this German town.

Stream Amazon’s Lore tonight and stay in for a spooky adventure! Who knows..it might scare you more than you think. Also, check out more of our blogs!

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