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Where the Georgia DAWGS and Hollywood of the South Intersect

Where the Georgia DAWGS and Hollywood of the South Intersect

mighty mighty titansIf you are one of the estimated over 100,000 people who are making their way to Atlanta to watch the College Football National Championship on Monday, you may want to make a side trip off I-20 to the site where Coaches Boone and Yost lead a team to an undefeated season in Remember the Titans.

Covington Georgia has a long standing, well documented history in film and television productions. Quite a few of those have been sports themed. The most notable movie featuring  football would be Remember the Titans, filmed in 2000. Denzel Washington leads an all-star cast, filming in several locations around Covington including the Downtown Square and the Covington Courthouse. But one of our favorite filming locations is Homer Sharpe Stadium. We have an affection for it because this football stadium is still used as the Home Field for all three local high school football teams. Some of our local athletes have literally lived out their Hollywood of the South dreams by going from Homer Sharpe Stadium to play in college and in the National Football League.

We cordially invite you to include a stop in Covington on your college football tournament trip to see those Georgia Bulldogs take on the Alabama Crimson Tide. While you are here, don’t forget to learn more about our rich film and television history and walk through the first Television and Film Museum in Georgia. This one of kind experience is located right in the middle of the famous Covington Square and has exhibits from the various productions that have called our town home (or by any other name).  The Museum is FREE to walk through, but there is a $5 charge to take pictures. Be sure to upload those pictures to our Facebook and Instagram pages and with #ilovecovga.

To learn more about our rich history in film, please visit www.filmcovington.com

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