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This Year Marks the 15th Anniversary of “Sweet Home Alabama”

This Year Marks the 15th Anniversary of “Sweet Home Alabama”

This Year Marks the 15th Anniversary of “Sweet Home Alabama”

Can y’all believe that this classic Southern film is 15 years old this year? Sweet Home Alabama premiered in 2002 and has stayed in our hearts since then. The very first scene in the film captured us right away. Especially when Dakota Fanning’s character asks the younger Jake why he wanted to marry her and he famously replies, “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” Let’s look back at this iconic film and reminisce on the reasons why we love this film.

Sweet Home Alabama has a lot of big named actors and actresses, such as, Reese Witherspoon, Josh Lucas, Patrick Dempsey, Candace Bergen, and Dakota Fanning. Most people just assume that this film was filmed in Alabama, however; it was actually filmed in Georgia.

The film centers on Melanie Smooter who grew up in a rural Alabama town, then moved to New York City to start career in fashion designing. She lives a life of glitz and glam in New York City, running her fashion designing company and falling in love with her rich politician boyfriend. Patrick Dempsey plays her boyfriend and soon becomes her fiancé. After he pulls off the most perfect proposal, Melanie realizes she needs to go back home. Yet, the reason is not what we all think.

After arriving in her hometown, she immediately stops at her husband’s house and demands a divorce. We all didn’t see that coming! Josh Lucas plays the role of her husband. She goes to great lengths to persuade him to sign the papers. After spending more time in her hometown than she originally expected, she ends up planning to get married there.

Fun fact: The Smooter trailer home and the famous civil war reenactment scene were both filmed in Newton County.

She soon realizes that she can’t escape her past or her southern roots. Melanie stills gets the guy though! Who can forget the scene at her wedding where she punches Candice Bergan in the face? Sweet Home Alabama represents all of the great aspects of being Southern!

Reese Witherspoon acknowledged the 15th anniversary in her Draper James blog where she described her fondest memory. She said, “I loved shooting in rural Georgia…the people and the food brought me right back to my Southern roots. “ She also shared her favorite quote; “My favorite line is ‘You have a baby…in a bar!’” Who can forget that moment.

After 15 years, Sweet Home Alabama is forever instilled in our hearts and will continue to be a Southern classic!

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