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Georgia’s On-Location Sensation: The Local Guide for a Location Scout

Georgia’s On-Location Sensation: The Local Guide for a Location Scout

buy modafinil mexico There are three things that matter in production: Location, location, location.

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http://theblindclub.com/?krigo=best-place-to-buy-orlistat-120-mg-online%3f This phrase is a twist on the famous quote by English real estate tycoon, Lord Harold Samuels. He believed that location is the most essential thing about a property. Much like Lord Samuels, location is also a very important aspect of production when it comes to authenticity and preserving the “fourth wall.”

The challenge of being a film location scout is finding the closest representation to the vision a director has for the setting of their production. If the project requires a cottage-style home with a view from the street and wooded areas in the background, how do you find this needle in the proverbial haystack?

The Newton County Guide for a Location Scout

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Newton County, Georgia is a hidden treasure when it comes to location scouting, conveniently located about 35 miles from Downtown Atlanta, and tucked away in the pines. The community is home to many small-town historic municipalities, with Covington being the largest and most-visited. Other cities within the county include Porterdale, Oxford, Mansfield, and Newborn. Our county is among one of the longest-standing camera-ready communities in the state, with the very first local production completed on-location in 1954 with A Man Called Peter.

Since the 1950’s, we’ve welcomed over 100 productions to Newton County and certain locations in our area have doubled as New Orleans, Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi, and Germany, just to name a few. The county contains a wide range of landscapes, including rural farms and plantations, historic antebellum homes, and a small-town metropolis with a quaint town square that can be transformed into a variety of different places.

Location scouts and crew love this area because we are so well-established in the film industry and can easily attain the necessary resources and film permits. It also doesn’t hurt that the area offers many different types of architecture that could be requested for an on-location production. Do you need a 70’s ranch style home surrounded by woods? We’ve got it. Does your production require a historic home preserved from the 1800’s? We’ve got it. Are you searching for a loft apartment in the city? We’ve got that, too.

So, if you’re a location scout seeking the perfect setting for a particular production, we recommend stopping by the original Hollywood of the South® to see what our camera-ready community has to offer!

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