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The ‘Reel’ Mystic Falls: A Day in the Life of George Lockwood the Cat

The ‘Reel’ Mystic Falls: A Day in the Life of George Lockwood the Cat

george lockwood the cat

As the sun rises over this gorgeous Southern manor I call my home, I open my eyes and stretch my fuzzy white paws for a moment before getting up to go see what my owners are up to. First, I take a moment to collect myself and enjoy a nice tongue bath before my morning exploration. After all, the grounds at Worthington Manor provide lots of beautiful scenery and feline fun. I’m George Lockwood the cat, and I’m going to give you a peek inside a day in the life at Worthington Manor, more popularly known as the famous Lockwood Mansion from The Vampire Diaries.

george lockwood the cat

I truly miss having the cast and crew of the series at our home for the filming of many episodes of The Vampire Diaries. The entire grounds would become a flurry of activity as crew members transformed my home into Mayor Lockwood’s gorgeous mansion. And the best part is all the belly rubs and kitty cuddles! I was the true star of the production as I meandered my way through the set and soaked up all the attention. In fact, my very best human-friend, Ian Somerhalder, admits that I am one of his favorite felines. Fans always obsess over how cute Ian is, until they meet me and see that I’m even cuter.

george lockwood the cat
Ian Somerhalder taking a moment to show George Lockwood some love

Even the almighty vampires take a knee just to scratch my belly! The best part about being a cat on-set of the Lockwood Mansion are the many parties that were filmed here, like the Founder’s Party, Masquerade Ball, and the legendary Steroline wedding! And I’m always dressed for the occasion with my silky fur tuxedo.

george lockwood the catAlthough it was very sad to see my vampire friends and admirers go, we still welcome visitors from all over the world every week to tour our property and experience the famous manor firsthand. Many of our tourists take a moment to pet my smooth, silky fur and take selfies with the famed George Lockwood the Cat. I’m also a pro at photobombing your vampire-inspired photos. After all, I’m the true celebrity of the real Lockwood Mansion!

Even in the midst of all this Hollywood fun, a frisky, green-eyed feline like myself can also appreciate the chance to enjoy a little peace and quiet. My favorite thing to do on a warm afternoon at the manor is take a walk in the grass, then curl up in a planter to bask in the sun for a cozy afternoon catnap. I’ve got several planters and flower beds staked out just for my napping pleasure. The landscape of the manor provides lots of shade to cat around, relax, and dream of catching mice.

george lockwood the cat

Sometimes I go into the front yard to visit the angelic fountain where Mrs. Lockwood was drowned in The Vampire Diaries, and enjoy a few refreshing laps of water. I also enjoy passing the time with my signature move, “The George,” where I slink down the steps with my entire body. You should try it sometime!

george lockwood the cat
Rocky the Raccoon lurking on the grounds while George sleeps on the job

When I start to feel a bit lonely (which is almost never), I can go hang out with my colorful pal, the pheasant, or mosey down to our pond to visit the swans that live here as well. I rule the manor and patrol the grounds for security, chasing away any uninvited squirrels or the pesky neighborhood raccoon, Rocky. It’s a hard job, but some kitty has to do it.

I usually conclude my evenings with a gourmet dish of Friskies kibble and an extra-long belly rub— courtesy of my owners, Ben and Ralph. All of this love and attention, and the pristine beauty of the manor can make a kitty truly feel like royalty. After all, being so lazy and loved takes lots of practice and hard work!

If you want to see the real Lockwood Mansion for yourself, and have a chance to rub the fat, fuzzy belly of George Lockwood the cat, book your tour with Vampire Stalkers/Mystic Falls Tours! They’ll take you on a journey with the inside scoop of select Vampire Diaries film locations, including our Worthington Manor. Stay up to date with my crazy kitty antics by following me on Facebook @SirGeorgeLockwood, or on Twitter at @George0Lockwood.

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