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Sleepy Hollow Scenes Filmed In Covington, Ga

Sleepy Hollow Scenes Filmed In Covington, Ga

Sleepy Hollow is an American supernatural drama television series that debuted on FOX September 16th, 2013. The series is based on the 1820 Halloween short story, ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. In May of 2016 FOX renewed the show for its fourth season which premiered in January 2017 and includes includes scenes filmed in Covington, Ga.

Sleepy Hollow is about a man, Ichabod Crane, who devotes his life and knowledge of the supernatural to defend the demonic forces that plagued Sleepy Hollow. Following the climactic events of season 3, Ichabon Crane’s world was turned upside down after the death of his partner and fellow ‘Witness’, Abbie Mills. Crane was then led out of town by a mysterious group promising to put him in charge of an evil-fighting organization created hundreds of years ago by none other than George Washington. Finding himself in a new city working with all-new allies, Crane embarks on his most important mission yet: To save our nation’s capital from otherworldly threats that promise harm, not only to our country and our people, but to the soul of democracy itself.

Being the Hollywood of The South, we are pleased to say several of the scenes from this supernatural action packed film was filmed right here in Covington, Ga. In season 4, Ep. 5, there is a scene where Ichabod were recounts how soccer was created. He speaks to several kids of a soccer team called Team Bumble Bee. This scene was filmed on the soccer field in the Clarke’s Grove neighborhood off of Clarke Street in Covington.  The soccer field is located in the back of the neighborhood next to a private pool. The Clarke’s Grove neighborhood is also home to the Montessori School of Covington. This scene is also when Ichabod explains what a “Witness” is to Diana.

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Covington is no stranger to supernatural beings and popular TV shows. When it comes to vampires, witches, and werewolves, our town is a major site for in the film industry. We are excited that production companies are able to turn to our community for a variety of location types. Being, the Original Hollywood of the South, we will continue to be a backlot for filming and to help grow the film industry I Georgia. Click here to view a short clip of the scenes filmed in Covington, Ga.

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