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Take the Covington Walk of Stars on the Historic Square !

Take the Covington Walk of Stars on the Historic Square !

covington walk of starsWe all know how beautiful Covington, Georgia is. But, don’t let the small-town look deceive you. Covington has been used as a filming location hotspot for many popular movies and television shows. And, movie buffs have been known to visit our town frequently…especially to take part in our Vampire Diaries and Mystic Falls tours! Over the years, so many TV shows and feature films have been produced in the city of Covington that it has been coined the “Hollywood of the South,” a moniker we’re so proud of that we even created our very own Walk of Stars!

Covington has had a landslide of Hollywood activity in the area. The Hollywood influence spans from films like Selma, to My Cousin Vinny, to Remember the Titans. Reese Witherspoon even graced the town while filming the movie, Sweet Home Alabama. But it is the CW’s television phenomena The Vampire Diaries that draws our biggest crowds. So, to honor our celebrity connections, the town of Covington erected the Walk of Stars. Tourists and locales alike can see the pavers marking filming locations and learn about the movies and actors who have shaped the film history of Covington.the vampire diaries

The Vampire Diaries has its own paver right on the square, and Cannonball Run‘s block is close to our very own Square Perk—where the Burt Reynolds & Farrah Fawcett feature was originally filmed.  There are over 35 pavers lining downtown Covington, with more being added each year.  So, next time you are looking for tourist attractions in Georgia, be sure to plan a visit and take the Covington Walk of Stars to see for yourself why our town is called the original “Hollywood of the South.”

dukes of hazzardCurious about who all is included in our Walk of Stars? Here’s a list of some of the movies and TV shows filmed in Covington and Newton County: The new Vacation movie, Selma, The remake of Footloose, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, PrisonersA Man Called Peter, Flight, Miss Evers’ Boys, Dukes of Hazzard, In the Heat of the NightCannonball Run, Remember the Titans, Sweet Home Alabama, Bobby Jones, Friday the 13th VI: Jason Lives, American Reunion, My Cousin Vinny, and Madea’s Family Reunion, plus many more. Come by the Visitor’s Center and pick up a map of the Walk of Stars, and see if you can spot them all!

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