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Visit Hazzard County and Dukes of Hazzard Film Spots

Visit Hazzard County and Dukes of Hazzard Film Spots

visit hazzard county“Just the good ole’ boys. Never meanin’ no harm. Beats all you ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they was born” During the 1970’s, the Duke Boys, those hood sliding, car jumping, back-country bootleggers charmed their way into America’s popular culture. Soon, everyone knew of the Bo, Luke, Daisy, Uncle Jesse, and of their adventures in Hazzard County. Now, we Georgians know Hazzard County doesn’t really exist, but Covington, Georgia certainly does! Covington actually served as a filming location for The Dukes of Hazzard.

Production of the show began in November 1978 and the first five episodes were filmed primarily on our historic town square. The famous Newton County Courthouse in Covington doubled as the Hazzard County Courthouse. Wouldn’t you love to visit Hazzard County today?

Built in 1884, the courthouse was featured in two of the first five original episodes, ‘One Armed Bandits’ and ‘High Octane’. Fun fact, in episode five, ‘High Octane’, you can see Bo and Luke together with their uncle Jesse going into the Courthouse to visit their probation officer. On the door there’s a poster for a contest concerning a substitute for Fossil Fuels.

dukes of hazzard filmingThe Alcovy Trestle Bridge was also used as the secret meeting spot for the scoundrel Sherriff Rosco P. Coltrane and corrupt county commissioner Boss Hogg.  And, Hazzard’s best and only bar has always been the world famous ‘Boars Nest’. It is located at 290 Flat Rock Road in Oxford just 20 minutes north of Covington. Nowadays the building is being used as a church. Only in Hazzard County!

Even the General Lee was inspired by our town! During the filming of the pilot episode, two directors were eating breakfast in the town square when they heard a car drive by that played the opening bars of the song “Dixie” as the car horn. This, they thought, must be in the show. They chased down the owner, bought the horn out of his car for $300, and installed it in the General Lee. dukes of hazzard filming

After the first five episodes wrapped and the show was moved to California, many of the show’s beloved characters voiced their opinions on leaving Covington. As cited in the book by David Hofstede, The Dukes of Hazzard: The Unofficial Companion, several of the cast members were saddened to leave Covington: “I was assured that it was going to be shot in Georgia permanently,” said Ben Jones (Cooter Davenport.) “I still believe those original shows had a much better look, I didn’t like it,” echoes Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke). “We had such a great situation down in Georgia,” John Schneider (Bo Duke) said. “There was something important about our foundation in Covington.”

You can visit these various film sites and more, when you visit Hazzard County—also known as—Covington, Georgia. And while you’re here, see if you can spy all of the Dukes of Hazzard film locations around town. Also make sure to drop the Newton County Visitor’s Center during your visit to view exclusive memorabilia and get more information about locally filmed Dukes episodes. 

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